This has probably been brought up more times than years we´ve been on this earth but i have a slightly different angle on it. I am aware that the stock 250k pots in a standard telecaster will make a standard neck humbucker sound muddy and inarticulate. Is there any pickup that compensates for the 250k pots by being more bright and articulate than usual. I know that a SD Jazz is brighter than a SD 59'. Then there are tv jones classics and the seth lover pickup. Which pickup would you people say works best with the 250k pots?
I realize I'm not about to answer your question, but wouldn't it be a hell of a lot easier to swap out the pot for say a 300 or 500k than having to replace a pickup?

And if you're in the market for a new pickup, just get a new pot with it, they're like $5 at most.
Are you trying to have it so that your neck pickup sounds proper as well as the bridge not being to bright? If so, you can swap out for 500k pots and then put a 500k resistor in parallel with the bridge pickup (assuming it's still a tele single coil). This will effectively make it so you can have 250k pots in the bridge position and 500ks in the neck.
Problem with swapping pots on a Tele is that it also then effects the bridge pickup, making that far brighter and louder.

As for what works well with 250k pots, the Seymour Duncan '59 is designed with a 300k and 500k pot, so that can work sort of well. The Jazz and JB were both made with 250k pots in mind, though most people are so used to hearing them with 500k pots now that the 250k pot tone can be a bit surprisingly dark for some. SD Full Shred is the brightest 'traditional' neck humbucker around that won't totally overpower a Tele's bridge pickup, though with its hex poles it won't fit in with the look of a normal Tele, if that's the sort of thing that may bother you. A DiMarzio Bluesbucker or Humbucker From Hell would add a lot of brightness, but they are so thin that you will miss out on the real purpose of having a humbucker; they can sound like single coils, in a lot of guitars.
The brightest pickup you can get easily would be a SD Seth Lover with a magnet swap; an alnico 5 magnet will give it more treble than the Jazz, an alnico 3 magnet will take away some bass (so brighter, but from a different point of view) and a ceramic magnet would give it much more brightness and power, balancing out the 250k pots to sound similar to the stock pickup with 500k ones.

Though if you were going ot start modding the pickup then you might as well just try the cheaper method of just wiring in resistors and capacitors to alter what sort of pot value each pickup sees, as LeviMan_2001 said. Another method would be to disconnect the tone control from the neck pickup and rewire it so only the bridge pickup goes to the tone control; this will add a lot of brightness to the neck at the cost of no longer being able to use the tone control with that pickup.
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