I think GG&A is more for pedals and such, but I figured the people here would be better suited to my question.

I got this pedal back in November 2012, but only used it a few times. The problem started after I left a battery connected to the pedal and had a cable plugged into the input jack. I hadn't used it for a couple months and wanted to used it again, so I swapped the battery and plugged it in. Despite the LED light coming on when engaging the pedal, no other sound could be heard, save for a slight buzzing noise if I turned all the knobs to full. The guitar signal still goes through if the pedal is bypassed. I do not have a 9v adapter so I cannot see if that will fix the problem. I have no experience with soldering, but I have taken apart the pedal and have pictures of the various parts. I don't think leaving a dead battery with a cable plugged into the input caused any problems.

If anyone has experience with faulty tube screamer clones, can you offer any assistance?
No one has any ideas? I'd rather try to fix this pedal before buying a new one. :-(