Nothing much. Played bass on and off for about 12 years but never really got anywhere with it. Picked up a guitar a while ago and decided to putz around with it now. I'm a fan of a lot of metal fusion genres, i.e. metallic hardcore/metalcore, industrial metal and alternative metal (even nu-metal/rap-metal). I haven't been doing too much with it since I just got it maybe 6 weeks ago and all I have been doing is experimenting. I'm not sure where I want to go with this other than have some fun and enjoy playing it.
You sound like my bass player in my first band. He was really good bassist, and now he's stuck in his house in Narnia, 18 years old, and has no buddies to play with (he is grungy-alt-metal/nu-metal guy).
Damn I feel sympathetic with guys like him...
Quote by ChemicalFire
You get my first ever lolstack

The image in my head is just too funny for words at this point

Aw yeah.
Your foundation is still good! As long as you continue to practice you will get more fun
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