I'm so excited to go buy it on Tuesday. NPR streamed it the other day and it sounds amazing. My favorite song off the album is "From Can to Can't" with Corey Taylor, Rick Nielson, Scott Reeder, and Dave Grohl. So who else is going to get the album next week? Thoughts, feelings?

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Needs more cowbell.
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Fucj yer im getting it!
Its going to be really good i think and tht there will be little to no filler songs.
Lord Roaraudio bought it! I must acquire Soundcity now.

Honestly, was looking forward to this a lot. I love Dave and everything he puts out is genius.
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Just searched Sound City and this empty thread was all I found! Can't believe there's not more praise for it, I think it's an amazing album.

Favourites so far are The Man That Never Was, Centipede, Mantra... actually it's easier to list the songs I don't like;
I feel Heaven and All is a bit weak. It breaks out into a bit of a mess of guitars but otherwise it's ok.

I kinda disliked Time Slowing Down (just the way Dave drones on "Time Slowing Doooooooooown" kind of annoys me) but it has grown on me a bit, mainly for the guitar intro.

Your Wife is Calling is a bit of a novelty track for me, mildly funny and an alright song.

Cut Me some slack is pretty good, but doesn't hit me like the others.

The rest of the album I love. Absolutely love. Barely any tabs for it unfortunately, I've tabbed Mantra on bass and think I might go for Once Upon a Time... The End over the weekend.
Cool man for tabbing some stuff.
Personally i thought the whle album, tonally and sonically was ****en wicked. All the lyrics were pretty gay and annoying but.