Has anyone checked out the electricguitardiscount.com site? They sell fakes that look pretty good online. I just wanted a guitar to take in the truck with me. I know they're fake but have any of you known someone who bought a guitar from the site? I really don't like buying something that I can't hold in my hands and play first but I don't want to take any of the guitars I own now in the truck with me.
Being clear fakes, they aren't cheap.

For most of the Gibson fakes they have, they looking to get mid 450's to 500's. For that price range, I wouldnt piss on them if they caught fire

You could get an Epi like for like and the quality of the Epi would shit on the fake and the price would be around the same.

So why not just go for an Epi and stick that in your truck?
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