I did something a little bit different for this one, and decided on a shameless plug of local music. The first 4 bands are fairly well known in Australia (if not the world), the second half of the playlist I can probably guarantee you haven't heard of at least 2 of the bands, possibly even all 4.

All of these bands are from Perth, Western Australia.

Perth Rock City

1. Eskimo Joe - Foreign Land
2. Gyroscope - Safe Forever
3. Sugar Army - Acute
4. Karnivool - Shutterspeed
5. Falloway - Reverse
6. Russian Winters - Execution by Electrocution
7. The Midnight Mules - PoP CoC
8. The Idle Front - It's The Meth

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This is a cool idea. Is the last one your band?

Not got time to listen today (seeing My Bloody Valentine, YAY) but I will do soon.
Going into this, Karnivool was the only band I knew, and coming out of it, they're really the only one I cared for. Nothing grating to my ears, but nothing special either.

On your band's song - I'm not really a fan of the vocal style, but otherwise, not too bad.
Feeling like a dick, putting in my comment so many weeks late...

Hadn't heard anything by any of these bands before, with the exception of Karnivool, who I've listened to once. So yeah, pretty fresh to these and quite excited.

Really liked track 1, and liked 2, though it wasn't quite exactly to my tastes. Still enjoyable though. 3 was nice in an off-kilter punk kind of way, liked it. As for four, I really don't know why I don't listen to Karnivool more. That was really very nice, if a little melodramatic.

So, into the indie stuff. 5 was sexy - great vocals and a nice tune to back it up. Felt a bit stretched out - maybe didn't really need to be five minutes long - but was still really very good. Sounded quite Muse-y to me actually. Suppose that's the falsetto, but I'm pretty sure that the chorus vocal line is just like a Muse song. Falling Down maybe? Not sure. Anyway, yeah - nice tune. Drumming was great too.

6, again, had very good vocals and I enjoyed the song. I must admit that I found it a bit poppy for my tastes, but it was still a fun, well-executed pop song. Really very catchy actually. And as much as I'm dismissing it as pure pop, the bluesy breakdown bit at the end was really very nice too.

Can't say I enjoyed 7 quite so much. It wasn't bad, but it really just wasn't my kind of thing. All the instrumentation was good, having said that - good drumming, good singing, good bassing and good guitaring. All fitted together quite well too,including the backing vocals. It was pop-punk, I suppose, and I'm not really a fan of that. For what it was, it was OK.

So, onto your track. First of all, the vocals gave me cancer. No offense to the singer, but he either needs practice or autotune. That could just be the recording, though. I must admit to not being quite convinced by the verses, though the chorus was quite nice in the way it fitted together. All the instrumentation was good, and actually I felt the vocals were a lot better in the chorus. The cool breakdown-bit near the end was nicely done, too. On the whole though, I liked the track, and wish you the best luck in kicking arse in the future.

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