I have this problem whenever I record something.
I record for like, what, 3 seconds and then suddenly volume and gain start dropping as if I turned the quality down on 32kbps... How can I prevent this from happening? I can't record anything!

I use my sister's Fujitsu laptop's internal microphone, and the sound card driver says something like "Realtek High Definition Audio".
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Possibly you're clipping the interneal mic and thus it has to cut the volume to prevent damage.

Really your entire recording set up is kinda luck luster at this point. You're not going to really be able to record anything worth using like that.
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That's weird, I've had that happen to me a couple of times over the thousands of times I've used Audacity. No idea what caused it, I just deleted the track and tried again and it worked. It was a long time ago though so make sure you're using the latest Audacity.

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