Picked up a set of D' Addario Baritone Light strings, .62-.13 gauge with a wound 3rd. After much frustration with strings supposedly made for drop tunings, i finally have found something that feels great and plays great. All the strings have good equal tension (a problem i continuously kept running into) and can be intonated well (i actually had one set that no matter what i did adjustment wise it always sounded out of tune).

Just figured i'd share.
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+1??? glad you like them, but kind of meaningless with no real point.


adam, if you don't mind can you get back to me about the questions i had about the pedalboard contest in that thread.
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What you really need is a new amp.

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What you really need is a new amp.

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Don't do that. Argue your point critically, don't just make stupid passing comments like that. It's cool if you have an opinion on it, but other people do to.