hello, i have a chance to buy a Dean EVO Special Select Tiger Eye electric guitar for 200€. does annyone knows this guitar? is it worth? how are the pickups? how is it compared to epiphone les paul?how is it compared to a normal dean evo? sorry for my english!
I actually have one that I bought back in 2003.

Even after all these years and buying better guitars, it still impresses me. It holds tune with a death-grip, and even unplugged, it is quite audible; it sings. It feels good in the hands.

Its one flaw is the electronics: the stock pickups are pretty muddy. You might not notice it playing with distortion, but if you play cleans, you would eventually hear the different quality.

(Mine is slated for getting a pickup upgrade this year.)

I can't tell you if 200€ is a good price, though, nor how it compares to other guitars in that price range today.
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