Hi all. Just need a little help with one chord. I'm a beginner and I found this song by fr John misty which I really like and the chord is easy enough. The only problem is that I want to play it like he does in this live video.


The chords are on here
Ultimate guitar chord

However, he plays the chorus with an extra chord that makes it sound better

In the video it's between 1:10-1:25

The chords UG suggests are B7, C, G

But in the video clip mentioned he definitely has an extra chord between B7 and C

If anyone can identify it that's be great. I'd say if I was a bit more advanced I'd be able to do it myself

Thanks a mil for any help

All the best

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It would help maybe if you put the name of the song and who does it ...that way even without a link we can find it on our own to help you