The guitar parts and the drums make for an odd combination. I think its mainly because of the toms but it makes it sound almost like in two different time signatures. This doesn't really have any memorable parts since its just really one long section, and you seem to recognize that though since you only improvised solos instead of actual sections. There were a couple parts of your soloing that were kind of interesting but nothing that actually stuck out to me. Maybe repeat some of the solo parts a bit more to ingrain them into the listener? The only thing I really remember well after listening to the song is the rhythm guitar and those weird toms
Wow man, this is really outside the box. I liked the rhythms, i liked the drums too. Ive written quite a few songs using ur strategy, the only thing i can say, is, it could use a strong focal melody, but I do the same thing all the time. I understand this kind of music, and u wrote/instajammed (XD) a really cool song. I liked the tones. My favorite overall was the first 0:30 and just how it kinda built. Good job!