So I'm looking to possibly buy a new guitar. I currently have a mexican strat, humbucker pickups and rosewood neck. I really don't like it very much (although i do like my brother's american strat with the same specs.) so I've been using my dad's tele (don't really know the details for this one except I think it has a maple neck) and like it for the most part when playing jazz and rock, and it's alright for funk. So I've been looking at the Jaguar and Jazzmaster and was wondering if either one would fit my taste. What do you guys think?
Well, the only thing they really have in common is the body shape (and a rhythm circuit switch). Either will get the job done, so it's just a preference question. I like Jaguars, but I just find the scale length to be incredibly comfortable - some don't.

Look at the "what guitar..." thread, answer those questions, and it'll be easier for us to help you.
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I prefer the chunkier sound on the Jazzmaster, but your best option is to go play some
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