ive always been a believer in writing what i hear as opposed to what fits into basic music theory but until now most of what i write falls into 3/4 or 44. this song that ive have started working on has-

intro in 4/4

verse has a 7/4 for 3 bars 7.5/4 1 bar structure

pre chorus + verse in 3/4

it sounds good just with the guitar but im worried these changing time sigs will cause problems when other instruments are added, any opinions ?
It shouldn't be an issue with the other instruments if they know what they're doing.

Also, I would notate 7.5/4 as 15/8. It's not exactly the same thing, but it's a lot easier to notate.
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as long as it's an organic sound

zappa has a lot of weird time signatures, but they feel and sound absolutely natural even if the score is wonky as balls
modes are a social construct
cool, yeah i was thinking that as i write its just i listen to and ave learnt alot of progressive music and ive never come across something as weird as this lol, yeah in gp6 its as 15/8 i just think of it as 7.5 because i count the riff in quarters.

also need to listen to more zappa lol
Yeah, it's perfectly fine, so long as you remember to tell your other instrument peeps what's going on so they don't f**k it up.
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John Lennon added and dropped beats in quite a few of his tunes eg:

All you need is love
Strawberry fields
Across the universe

He apparently wasn't particularly aware of it. Sometimes time signature changes can sound very natural.
lennon wasn't particularly aware of a lot of things back then lol
modes are a social construct