Hi everyone, this is my first thread so go easy on me!

There is someone near me that's selling a guitar that is most comparable to a Fender Jagstang for a cracking price. But after extensive research of trying to find the origin of this guitar, I have become stumped! (the seller does not know either)

Hopefully these images will work (fingers crossed!)

What interested me about this guitar is the unique pickup style. They're obviously single coils, but does anyone know what they could possibly be?

Excuse my ignorance, but does anyone know what the thing is just above the bridge in the third picture?

If anyone has any insight on anything about the guitar please feel free to chip in! I thought I may as well get some opinions before I go and try her out!
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Could be a Teisco guitar, not sure of the model. Check out: http://www.mark-cole.co.uk/teisco/

Thanks for the input, there's some very beautiful and unique guitars on that site! I've had a quick skim through, but unfortunately it doesn't look like this specific one was listed anywhere Thanks though! The hunt continues.....