Hey guys, thought I'd make a post to ask for... Judgements.
Listen to the attached sound clip and have a shot! What can I do to make my music sound better?
[And how do I add soundcloud links to this thing?!]

Looking for guitar tone tips, and making that 'huge' sound you hear on albums. What sets my song apart from professional stuff?
Also vocal processing tips would be helpful.
Thank you!
[https:// soundcloud. com/ squishykid/ snippet]
[forbidden link]
Also, stop the track before it autoplays the next! There's loads of stuff on that account that I recorded ages ago!
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You need a bass in there, that will help everything. Also, fix your levels, the guitars are way too loud. As far as vocal processing, I'd start by downloading a trial of Izotope Nectar. Its an all in one vocal processing suite that'll be good to learn what you need and how much you need to mix in.

Also, the reason your Soundcloud link comes up as forbidden is because you're brand new. This board gets a ton of spam bots in general so it doesn't let you post links for like the first week.
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Thank you. Don't stop there guys, if someone else has something to say, go for it.
I'll take your advice and give it a go.
And okay, I've added another link that people should be able to click, I just can't see it!
Just for reference, this is the kind of mix I'm going for [ [forbidden link] ], has anyone got any tips towards guitar tone / eq etc etc? Thank you once again!