He is amazing. I saw him awhile ago for the first time with his song "Fives".
I first listened to him on youtube. I heard a fretless guitar jam taht was really amazing. I went on to buy an album from one of his bands, The Aristocrats, who are actually set to release a new album sometime soon. The song you posted is off his album Erotic Cakes, which is excellent. Waves and Fives are probably the best songs on that album. He also just released an album with Steven Wilson. If you're a fan of his, you may want to check out the new album.
Amazing guitarist. Versatile too. He's done guess stints for rappers as well as doing guess solos for bands like Periphery.
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First time I heard Guthrie was on a guitar instructional video that came with my Squier Stratocaster bundle pack. Later on I heard him demoing Cornford amps at a music trade show and also doing some things in the guitar magazines, the year his Erotic Cakes album came out he was at trade shows demoing Cornford amps while playing tracks from his album on a small stand, people stood around in complete awwe listening to this guy standing there all weekend.

Bought his album there and then, signed too. Among other reasons it did certaintly breed in me an obsession for Cornford amplifiers as he had painted the picture of them being perhaps the best sounding amps in the world, and I still believe that after finally buying and owning one.

Guthrie is a true master, an amazing teacher and I'm glad he's finally starting to gain the recognition in the guitar world that he deserves. That said the Aristocrats stuff he did wasn't my cup of tea, Erotic Cakes was a complete masterpiece and he stated he's definitely going to release a second solo album, just a matter of when.
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Definitely a natural teacher with a wonderful command of the English language. He deserves to do well.
Certainly one of the best guitarists alive right now. Unbelievable technique and musicality, he can go nuts while still being musical and he has created some amazing melodies (WAVES!!!! Listen to this song if you haven't!!!). He is also very well spoken and a great guy.

Showing off his new rig, including the new Martin Kidd (Cornford designer) designed Victory amps, sounds pretty insane and his new Charvel sounding better than the last prototype in my opinion.
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Peavey 5150
1994 Ibanez Jem 7V