Hey guys, has any one here done their music 1 HSC exams? I'm doing my exams this year and I was just wondering if the guitar piece 'Romanza' would get the marks in my music exam. I honestly can't tell if it's "impressive" enough for the markers. To me, it's pretty simple and easy to play.
Hey mate,
I did my HSC last year, music 1 too! Hells Yeah!
Seriously be chill about it. The markers want to give you points.
Romance is a beautiful piece of music but don't think it would be the best option to play this piece. I think you'd get a high band 4 low band 5 at best for it. Also it doesn't give you much to work with. They assess you on, well as you know, the musical concepts:
expressive techniques
dynamics and whatever else.

So you've got emphasise the shit outta the concepts! And I don't think that Romance allows for that.

How many performances do you have?

I played Morrison County by Craig D'Andrea for my core performance. I had two viva voce's and a composition. So that was my only performance.

If you would like I can pm you with a short list of suggestions that you can try out and screw with the concepts heaps.
Thank you! Honestly, our music teacher has told us nothing about what they were expecting from our performances.

I'm not sure how many performances I'm doing yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll be doing at least two. I've been searching everywhere for what I should play, that's not too difficult but will still get the marks. If it's no bother, a short list would be sooooo helpful right now.