It's pretty freakin' cool. I would continue the piano arpeggios part and have the guitar playing a rhythm sort of section during the rests.


Okay, I got to say I love the piano part, so added drums, guitars and bass just to show what I would have done, feel free to delete them and write your own stuff of course
Added some ideas.gp5
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It sounded kind of cool when there was only the piano playing. Maybe play that piano thing twice (just like it was played) and then add other instruments, they could just play chords behind it, it doesn't need to be complicated. It's cool to have some breaks. You could repeat some themes later. But I would keep that piano thing there and it could repeat a couple of times, maybe add some vocals over it.

Edit: Yeah, what Jacques-Henri did sounded good. I would maybe repeat that piano thing before adding the other instruments. And yeah, keep that as the verse of your song and add vocals over it.
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Thanks dude! I was going to add a guitar to the piano arpeggio but I couldn't come up with a good enough riff. I'm keeping your additions

Glad you liked it, I really like those arpeggios!