So I'm new to the forums, hello everybody and all that blah-blah nonsense. I'll just get to the point shall I?

So I am looking to buy an acoustic (not acoustic-electric) guitar which will stand the test of time, but also be of good quality. My budget is around £160 (something like 250$ or more, idk).

What guitar would you recommend for me to buy?

Thanks in advance for your replies.
check out the seagull s6 original, its a nice departure from the typical spruce-top/rosewood acoustics that every company makes. it has a solid cedar top (woody nelson) and cherry body which has a really nice sound. In general though, i would suggest that you buy something with a solid top on it, anything else simply wont age as well
A seagull might be out of your price range, the yamaha FG series are really good quality, FG700 or FG720.
agree with the yamaha fg series. maybe you could find a seagull original s6 used in your price range...
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thanks for all these suggestions. Anyone got anymore?

P.S. My price range has now miraculously increased to £220 (something like 350 dollars, idk, work it out yourself :P)
Yamaha FG700S. There's no contest in this price range, and it's little wonder they sell these guitars by the boat load; they're very well made, have solid spruce tops and a nice, balanced tone. I own one, and the more costly LL6, so have no hesitation in recommending them. I teach guitar occasionally and Yamaha is always my first recommendation for my students. I've been playing Yamaha guitars (among many others!), since 1969.
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