I do a lot of slide guitar and often do it in standard tuning. I like to mix slide up with more standard blues licks and also chords. But with the two slides I have neither allow my finger the ability to also fret notes in order to play chords. They either extend beyond the finger tip or stop the knuckle from moving.

Can any one recommend me a slide that would allow me to fret with the finger I am wearing the slide on comfortably?

I know of the thimble slide, but I am in the UK and they are only sold independently in the US so it would be expensive to import one.

My preference is for copper, chrome, stainless steel or maybe porcelain. But I am open to using glass.

Thanks for any recommendations.
Although I rarely play slide, you could try these http://www.swivelslide.com/. The topic came up a few months ago on here and that's what we're suggested
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