I've been learning for atleast 4years now. All alone here in my room through Youtube. I would classify myself as an intermediate player. Even though, I'm pretty slow, I can play little blues and all.

But, up till now, its impossible for me to hear a chord/note and say which one it is. I can't name all the fretboard notes. I was lazy to learn that stuff.

Now I feel that the reason I can't pour my emotions into my blues is because I have this problem and I'm always playing canned licks over & over.

I know its a difficult question. But can any experts help me? since I don't have a teacher

TL;DR - I can't name notes/chords. Don't know all fretboard notes. I feel that's keeping me from doing emotional blues. I'm just playing licks I know.
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How much have you worked on your ear?

Start with the functional ear trainer from miles.be. That's what unlocked it for me.

the important thing is that you can tell the relationships between notes. knowing exactly where each note is individually isn't very helpful - but if you get a hold of one and can hear where the song works off of it, you'll be in good shape

you should know all your intervals - that way you have your context. a minor third is a minor third, no matter what key you're in or what chord you're playing over, but a D in one key is a very different thing in another
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perfect pitch or absolute pitch is probably what youre talking about. its the ability to tell what a note is by hearing it. most people cant do it and cant learn how. its more important that you work on your relative pitch anyway. if your relative pitch is good, you can figure out what a note is as long as you know the key of the song. you just have to practice.


Do the traditional ear training along with playing by ear and it'll come together. Use your voice and ears to figure things out.
If you learn to play enough songs and understand their chord structure and notes, you will wake up one day and realize that you know all the notes you play. Something like that happened with me, hard to explain, but it's all in, like, playing. Practice, practice, practice!
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You don't need to memorize notes on the fretboard. You need to memorize and own the sound. You'll have ultimate control over what you do on the instrument when you can hear that sound you want. Subject to your technical ability at present, but that all comes with time.
Only play what you hear. If you don’t hear anything, don’t play anything.
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I am trying eartraininghq.com, it's all about internalising the Major and Minor intervals. on their own to start with, and then within chords.

Been at it for about 6 weeks, so far so good.