So recently I just bought an epiphone les Paul and I want to customize it to make it better. What I want to do so far is replace all of the hardware with nickel hardware (it's originally black and the body is a trans black.) I want to change the pups (probuckers 2 & 3) with Gibson 57 classic pups. The guitar already comes with coil splitting and I'm debating whether I should keep it or not. I also want to do some repainting on the headstock and possibly the pick guard.

Any advice/suggestions on the pickups and hardware choice? All the parts are coming from the Gibson store.

As for painting, I'm a little lost on how to do it without it looking like a 3rd grade paint job. I don't wanna change the color completely. I just wanna add a layer on top of it. Any ideas or suggestions on how to go about this? I've done a lot of research on it but I'm just inexperienced at it and don't wanna **** up. I am testing it all on an old guitar first.
The '57 Classics, while great pickups, are only 2 conductor so they cannot be split for coil tapping. I have a set in an older Epi G400 and have enjoyed them for many years. Are you sure that they will be a good fit for your style of music? What do you play? And why are you limiting yourself to the Gibson store for pickups and hardware? There are many other companies that make quality products without Gibson's prices.
Well I guess I shouldn't really say I'm limiting myself to the Gibson store. most likely ill be buying from musicians friend or AMS since they're prices are better. I'm not trying to limit myself to Gibson products only, I'm open minded to suggestions. I've found some classics that are 4 conductors already so it would be ready for coil splitting. I'm debating on whether I should keep it though. As for why I'm mostly set on those pickups is because of the reviews and I've had a chance to play em before and also enjoyed them. I'm looking at a sound that's good for blues and 60s 70s rock. The hardware doesn't necessarily have to be Gibson though.
What type of finish are you looking to accomplish?