I may be somewhat vain when it comes to my equipment but is the SE actually a good guitar? I love the actual custom 24, looks, sound, all that. But I've just got it in my head that I need to pay almost 3 grand for a great guitar. Can somebody who owns/ has played both give me some opinions? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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they are great guitars for the money you pay infact there worth more than the money you pay. i have a se245 and its fantastic.
IMO the American Cu24 is not worth 3k. I bought one of the 25th Anniversary SE 24's, and I love it. Great neck, pickups could do with changing, but that's just personal preference. As for the newer SE models, with the bevel top and coil splits, I'm not nearly as much of a fan of the neck, just feels less comfortable, maybe it's just me. Hell, you could buy an SE and spend half what you'd pay for an American PRS making it just as good.

And once again, if you're spending 3k on a guitar you might as well get one custom built by a luthier, you'll love it more.
I have a PRS SE 245 that is my main guitar... and I picked it up for $390 on eBay. Switched out tuners, dropped a JB/Jazz in there.... absolutely amazing sounding guitar. I'd buy 10 of them if I could.
Shit yeah man, I had the 25th anniversary and recently sold it (which makes me sad) ****ing awesome guitar. Well worth the cash. The new ones even have a carved top (I'm pretty sure.) If you replace the nut, get locking tuners and upgrade the pups (the stock ones are fine however) then it would be every bit like the American ones for 1/3 of the cost. It just wouldn't be quite as pretty.

tl;dr: the guitar is a ****ing monster.
just give me a fender and let me rip
An SE Custom 24 with a few upgrades to things like pups and tuners is going to be a lot cheaper than a 'real' Custom 24, and you can tailor the upgrades to your personal preference.

Hell, if you wanted a 7-string you wouldn't get a choice anyway!
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The PRS SE series are great guitars for the price. Used... even better.
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they show up on craigslist by you used for $350-400 all the time.

great guitars for the money.

if someone "modd'd" it by putting in better pups sweet. the pups in the stock SE CU24 aren't that bad though honestly.

good luck.
used for $350-400 that's nice , i can never get a used prs se custom 24 in China , people just love it , never sell it out .
I bought my PRS SE Custom 24 (25th Anniversary edition) about a year old and in mint condition for £350. It's absolutely fantastic. The only modification I've done to it is replace the pickups with Bare Knuckle items but the stock ones weren't awful by any means. The build quality compares very well to my Jackson SL3 which costs significantly more new and I now use the PRS for more than half of our set. The newer model with the carved top is a lot more comfortable and the selector switch is far better placed. I'm damn sure I wouldn't spend another £2500 just to get one made in America because it can't possibly be that much better. I've never played an American one myself but 3 of my mates have and they have all said there's not that much difference to the SE range.
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