So yesterday, before my bands show, me and the other guitarist in my band were at best buy looking at some guitars, we wound up in the acoustic room, and we wound up jamming for like half an hour. After that, we were like wow, this is actually kinda cool, so we just made a quick vid of us playing. Id love to hear what u guys think!

As always Ill C4C (Im the guy on the right btw)


Jake P
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Luckily you didn't have people in the background taking a guitar down & start to noodle. Sounds pretty good considering the circumstances. Now you just need a proper studio version of the tune. Now you owe me 2 reviews (unless you hate my latest 2 songs, which is a possibility) at this link:


oh thanks a lot man. and haha I didnt forget to check out ur songs from the last link, ive just been super busy (My band played a show last night, and ive been working a ton) I will def. check out ur songs either after work tonight or tomorrow morning. I almost always like ur stuff haha so dont worry
Like Aaron said, its definitely a cool piece The melody is certainly cool, you need some more structure and a proper recording for me to actually give you an honest critique though!

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31168406#post31168406 c4c!
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That looked and sounded really fun! I like how you guys trade off on doing lead and rhythm. You're both really good at that percussive style too, it has a nice sound. You could make something really great out of this I think

I'd love to hear your thoughts on some of my stuff!
Thanks a lot guys, i critted ur pieces!
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Thats really impressive for half an hours work, it sounds like it was rehearsed for a lot longer. I would like to see this as a finished article, definitely has something!


Thanks a lot man, haha this whole video was just improv too haha We were just in there messing around, and we were like eh lets film ourselves. We picked a key (In this case, B minor, mostly just a Bm7 chord haha I did a few more jazzy chords when i played rhythm, the other guy just stayed static on Bm7) and we just jammed haha Me and the other guitarist were thinking about actually starting to maybe play some coffee shops or something, hence the title haha Just for kicks and stuff. (haha we are in a hairmetal band btw XD, basically the opposite of this)