How can i get the best tone from every effect pedal in my chain?
The tone from every pedal is perfect but when i put these effects in chain the tone off every pedal is altered.

All my pedals are True Bypass.

I bought a Buffer “Visual Sound Pure Tone Buffer” and put this into the chain.

Now I can use the Wah-pedal for every distortion / overdrive pedal ( this was not possible before I had the Buffer installed ).

But the tone is not perfect when everything is in chain … even when I placed the buffer in the chain.

Is a True Bypass Looper a solution for my problem.

My Pedal board …..

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Short cables of medium quality.

I've got 3 Multi power supply's ( Gator G-BUS ).
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Short cables of medium quality.

I've got 3 Multi power supply's ( Gator G-BUS ).

Get isolated power supplies. T-Rex Fuel Tank or Voodoo Labs Pedal Power.

I hate to ask, but why do you need so many different drives? Maybe what you really need is a new amp?
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jesus so much MXR.

do you mean if you just use one pedal by itself it is perfect but if you only use that one pedal in a chain it sounds bad?

Sounds like some high end losses due to a shit tonne of cables.

Also, it could be the effects loop, or maybe even some pedals which don't like being in that type of effects loop. SO many things to troubleshoot. good luck.
First ..... thanks for all the comments !!!

Some pedals in another order ..... '78 distortion - second .... Fuzz - last in chain ... the buffer after the wah .... and the tone of all my pedals are awesome ....
just like there no other pedals in the chain !!!

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Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well