I'v got 5 Distortion pedals, a Tuner, Wah Compressor, EQ, Noise Gate , Phase 90.
These go in front of the amp and they've got external power supply.

Amp Loop : Delay, Trem, Flanger and chorus

All my pedals are True Bypass (95 % MXR)

Is a True Bypass Looper essential when you have a number of tone sucking pedals ?
Is the tone of every effect (distortion) pure when i use a True bypass Looper ?
Can i use the wah for every overdrive and distortion ?

If your dirt pedals suck tone, why would you want their "pure" tone?

Are you asking if you should get a TB or a buffered looper, or if you should get a looper at all?
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It depends one what the pedal is. Some pedals are buffered, some are true bypass, and some are just re-routed (I.E. half the circuit remain in contact, whether or not this 'sucks tone' is a matter of opinion). You can also get what's called a relay bypass (found in way huge stuff, and boss stuff) where an electronic relay is used to isolate the effect from the signal when off. This can either be true-bypass (unbuffered) or not (err, buffered).

True bypass is not all that, it's mostly a gimmick I'm afraid. It is good, in some regards, but it has to be used cleverly. Adding pedal after true bypass pedal simply adds lengths of cable to your chain, and your pickups (unless they're active) can only drive so much cable before you start to hear an audible difference in the signal (usually in the high-end).

a boss tuner at the start of your chain always helps - all boss products have an arguably good (let's say, consistent) buffer in use when off, which removes the load upon the signal. Then you can have more true bypass pedals following that before you need another buffer...etc, etc.

I have a small board (four effects, TC Polytune (true bypass), MR dyna comp (true bypass), Crowther hotcake (HIGH quality buffer, like seriously good stuff) and finally an MXR carbon copy (true bypass). The one buffer in my chain is enough for me to retain the dynamics of my pickups when altered by tone/vol controls over longer lengths of wire.

There's so many articles about this around the web, some that basically say what i just did, some that are all about the holy nature of the true-bypass and others that condemn true bypass as the spawn of bono himself.

I always find that you can think about it until your hair falls out, but if it sounds good then who gives a hoot?

In short, what pedals do you have? do they sound good?
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i would say get the looper if you want to click on multiple FX with 1 click, not because you really need true bypass.

if you in fact have a huge tone suck issue, then yeah throw the tone suckers in a loop, or get a better pedal.

if you want about the best looper availabe that doesnt upcharge 40 bucks for a fancy graphic on it...get one of these.


about 40 bucks for a 1 channel with a led light. about as good as it gets.
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First ..... thanks for all the comments !!!

Some pedals in another order ..... '78 distortion - second .... Fuzz - last in chain ... the buffer after the wah .... and the tone of all my pedals are awesome ....
just like there no other pedals in the chain !!!

So i don't need a looper for the perfect sound of each pedal, that was the only reason for me to consider to buy one.
I have a TBL for my board and the difference between the dry signal through the pedals and dry direct to the amp is pretty big. It's just high-end loss, but it's very noticeable.
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