Hello. I'm thinking about getting a Line 6 Dl4 delay pedal. A friend of mine has it and loves it. But I found out that it has a looper built in. I already have a Digitech Jamman looper. Does anybody know of any delays that are just as good as the Dl4 without the looper? I don't want to spend more than about $250
Check out the TC Electronic Flashback (4x if you want the extra features), Strymon El Capistan or Carbon Copy. Can't go wrong with any of these. What are some specific delay sounds you're going for though?
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Just because it has a looper built in doesn't mean you have to use it. The DL4 is one of the best delays around. I've just bought a TC Electronics Flashback which is like a smaller version of a DL4 in my opinion and it has a looper built in aswell but I already have a Boss RC-20XL Loopstation for looping. Most decent delays usually have loopers built in anyway nowadays but the only pedals i can think of are analogue delays like the Memory man Deluxe, MXR Carbon Copy and Malekko Ekko 616.

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I say no to the carbon copy its a mediocre delay at best and is worse then pretty much all of its compitition, veryuddy repeats, especially on longer delay times. When you realise its price point it costs about the same or more then alot of its compitition and loses to all of it you realize how terrible it really is then when you realise its an mxr it makes you go what the hell. I say grab a dl4, flashback 4x or deluxe memory ..... Reminder the patch editors for the flashback should be coming out this month. The dl4 might have this already.
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i would say take a look at the flashback, a TC Nova delay.

or how about 2 individual delays like a boss dd3 and then an analog delay or something. you wont get presets or a tap tempo, but you can get 2 unique sounds at least....
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Highly recommend the M-series...M5 is going for $129 now but if you can shell out more the M9/13 with expression pedal is the way to go. Check them out and think about it...crazy good value for the fx and flexibility you get above and beyond just great delay fx. Happy fx hunting!
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