I need help, i kind of had a year of bad practice and technique basically explode in my face in the past month, I cant play anything very well and its starting to get extremely frustrating. I need to roll back can anyone suggest where I go from here I can play most things sorta well, I'm very good at the slayer type of alternative picking. Maybe a metal song that's not to hard to build up my confidence again,some exercises or some advice of where to go.
Look up some videos and articles on proper technique and make sure you practice everything very slowly. Slayer is really not a band you want to emulate if you're looking to improve your technique. Look up some chromatic exercises, learn some scales. Remember, keep it slow, patience is key. Watch your fingers as you play. You want to every movement to be precise, efficient, and loose. Stay relaxed, if there's any tension in your fingers/arms, slow down because you're pushing too hard and building a bad habit. Don't aim for speed, aim for precision and economy of motion.
If you know that your technique and practice were bad then you already know what to do. It doesn't matter that much what you practice when it comes to gaining physical ability, it matters much more that you do it well. Given that... pick some songs and spend some time getting them as right as possible.

And as Wolforn has said... don't aim for speed, just make sure you're doing it right. The speed will come in time.
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Do you have a teacher? It could be worth getting some lessons because a teacher can show you things you might not have realised, they can help diversify your learning experience and improve your skills in a wider range of areas.

In other words they can help guide you to becoming a much better guitarist. It's hard for me to judge where you are at now, a year is not a great deal of time but with good practice a lot can be achieved. Did you start out with the basics or did you skip them and jump to power chords and then start learning slayer songs? A lot of people do go down this route and miss out on some of the important fundimentals and basics and at some point hit a brick wall.

An important thing to remember is when learning you should change it up, similar to how weight lifters will change their routine to try to shock their muscles you need to do the same, if you get stuck on something then don't spend all day working on it, give it the time it needs and then move on to something else, keep yourself learning new things, different things at a steady pace, then come back to those other things later.

If you keep it fresh and keep challenging yourself with new things you will progress faster, you might then find that when you come back to something you were having difficulty with that it will come to you a lot easier.
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As the previous post said, it's hard to know exactly where you're at, but could timing be the problem? Often when technique is loose it's at least in part due to shaky timing.