This is pretty badass man. Ik on UG there's a lot of hate for this kind of music, but i for one love stuff like this. This sounded very good. Very well written, great production, i liked the lyric video too. It reminded me of A7X's singer mixed with a metalcore band. The only thing missing is a cool guitar solo.
Sweet Production, great guitar tone (5150s? Maybe PODFARM?). Your screamer is pretty good, certainly has a good dynamic range unlike most. I think the cymbals sounds a touch splashy. and the snare could come up a touch in the mix. Other than that this is super cool, and I love the main riff.

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Thanks a lot guys! I know UG isnt usually the place for this kind of stuff, but I figure anyone hearing it is a good thing! Thanks for the compliments!
It sounds great and really well produced, lyrically it's a little teen angsty for my tastes. But yeah, the production is really slick.