We are a local San Jose hard rock/ progressive / metal (we really don’t like to categorize) band looking for a vocalist. What are we looking for? Well we are all 17 years old, so someone along the lines of (15-19 years of age, and preferably in high school, a dude, and someone who is a down to earth, chill guy). We are just trying to get off our feet right now, and are in the current process of writing, but we need a vocalist! We are looking for someone who can do good clean vocals (can actually sing), but also “yell.” What I mean by that is someone who sounds like Corey Taylor, like they can yell and sound dark, but you can also understand what they are saying. (Corey Taylor is the lead singer of Slipknot). We are pretty big fans of TOOL, Slipknot, Deftones, Nirvana, were pretty much fans of everything metal, and everything heavy. We have a bassist, a guitarist, and a drummer, and were hoping to get serious, but for right now we’re starting real slow. With a singer we can actually get stuff done and plays some gigs! So overall, we’re looking for a chill guy who can sing well, and yell and get angry, and who is not afraid to get weird on stage. We are called, SKITZOFRENIK, and we’re looking for someone to fill these qualifications.
Contact info:

Email: skitzofrenik7@yahoo.com
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