Hello guys ! So I'd like to buy a new amp for my guitar. Basically, what I'm searching for is a great house amp (So it means I can play it in my house without killing my parents even thought they don't really mind hearing me play) that I could use for gigs also. I'm searching for something in the range of Jimi Hendrix to Jon Spencer. I like playing raw rock from psychadelic to jazz. One of my friend has a Fender Hot Rod that I think sound pretty good so maybe something in this range of sound. I'm mostly using my Fender Telecaster American Special with a Big Muff Pi, a Cry Baby wah and a Roland DC-30 (Analog Echo-Chorus).

I don't really care about the cost as I work a lot.

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Egnater makes some pretty sweet, versatile amps. I have the Renegade and it does just about everything pretty damned well.
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