bought a second hand SX custom handmade vintage series bass guitar for 50 euro. the dude tells me he paid 200 euro for it in the shop but the impression i have is that this is a discontinued series and they are worth a bit more now. am i right or wrong to think that???
ok thanks man. it sounds pretty good the a string was buzzing when played open, i boiled the strings and for some reason that cured it. iv yet to play it through a bass amp though as i dont have one in my vicinity yet.
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Fifty for a bass that works is okay I guess. You should note there's nothing custom, vintage or hand made about SX basses.

I agree. Still, you got the best series from SX. 50 Euro is a very good price indeed. It's not the best bass, but definetly a great quality/price ratio. And you got it even cheaper. Congrats! enjoy!
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When you break a bass string, that snapping sound is the sound of six dollars going down the crapper.

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