So I'm covering this song this coming Friday


And my rig right now is an AC30 with a Fender Strat and an SD-1. As you can see not the ideal rig for a black keys song.

The cranked AC30 gives it a nice dirty sound but it doesnt seem to cut it. For other uses I was going to purchase an MI AUDIO Crunch Box, so I was wondering if that pedal could pass as a good dirty tone for this song?

I dont want to buy a fuzz just yet, but if you guys could let me know if that Crunch Box will help.

I'm also having trouble with the EQing of this song. I can give it a really thick mid-range sound (wich is what the black keys is), but when your listening to that main riff, when he does the quick up stroke of the e, b and g strings on the 5th fret, its sounds really trebly and I don't know how I can achieve both those tones.

All help is Appreciated

I'm pretty sure they use a Big Muff quite often, but this doesn't sound like fuzz. It does sound quite crunchy as opposed to fuzzy. I'd think that the Vox should be able to get that clean, defined tone quite well.
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