So a neighbor in my building moved out and left some stuff behind. The landlord knew i played so he offered me this amp.

I've never heard of this amp, and can't really find any information on it. It's a Fender H.O.T. 75W 1x10. Sounds actually pretty decent all things considered and gets considerably loud. Small gig worthy maybe

Looking to sell it on Craigslist but have no idea how much these things go for. Anyone with any experience with this amp or anything, please give me an idea.

Link pic:

Fender H.O.T.

That's 75 watts input power; output power is 25 watts, hence a 25-watt amp. It's a beginner's practice amp.
If you can get it then yes. Put it on Clist/ebay for $50 and make a few quick bucks.
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