Yes, I know that's not where one normally puts dirt pedals, and I understand that one has to be careful to avoid blowing out the power amp (I always keep gain at 0 and volume stays below 12 o'clock - the amp is plenty loud at those levels anyway). However, I had a cheap solid state Peavey Special 112 lying around, and I figured, "Hey, let's try putting my Tone Wicker Muff in the loop! What's the worst that can happen? I screw up an $80 amp from 1988?" So I tried it out, and loved the overdrive sound I was getting - more than any other sound I've ever had any role in creating.

One thing I've noticed, however, is that this method is fairly hit-or-miss on tube amps: on the Vox models that do have effects loops, I get no output; on Peavey Classics, it's noisy; but the method has worked on a 60-watt Blackstar, a Bugera V22, and some Fender 212 model that cost about $1,500. My only issue is, I don't like the digital reverb on the Blackstars, the Fender was too big and expensive, and the Bugera V22 wasn't cleaning up as well as the other amps when I pulled back on the volume.

The way I'm setting up my solid state Peavey, I have volume at 12 o'clock on the clean channel, giving me some soft grit through the Muff (which is set to zero gain). On the drive channel, I have the volume maxed out and gain set to minimum - the maxed out volume drives the Muff harder. (Bear in mind that I keep the overall volume manageable by using the volume on the Tone Wicker Muff much like one would use a master volume knob on an amp).

Here's what I'm looking for:
  • Grab'n'go capable: ~50 pounds or under, 112 combo
  • Two channels (so I set one to moderate volume and one to max volume)
  • Effects loop that works with Big Muff, and can handle chords with Muff on and amp set to drive channel
  • Analog reverb (bear in mind that the reverb is feeding into the Muff; spring reverb creates a cool cave effect, but digital reverb just sounds mushy)
  • $750 or under

I'm living in northern California, by the way.

Any suggestions?

It doesn't really matter how good the overdrive sound is on the amp, since I won't be using any of the amp's actually distortion. (Come to find out...I like Muff distortion better than tube distortion. Go figure.)
Fender Blues Deluxe, Peavey Delta Blues (it's a 1x15), Peavey classic 30.
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