Always humbled by the Mark IV. The guitar is a custom made Carvin (bought it 7 years ago). Using an Ibanez Tube Screamer, too. Does the tone still seem a bit middy to you guys? Around the 1:46 mark with the descending lick, I feel like it's a little dry. Could have been the way it was mic'd, I could've experimented more with that but it's placed just to the left of the center of the speaker.

[forbidden link]

if that link doesn't work...

[forbidden link]
I'd increase the upper mids and lower mids some and decrease the mids just a hair. IMO. Doing so should make it easier to play and increase sustain a decent amount.

Good playing BTW
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I saw your post at the Carvin forums! Great playing man and honestly I think your playing and tone is fine just experiment some more.
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