Hey there,

I'm looking for an acoustic guitar under $1000AUD which also has the capability to plug into an amplifer. I'd like a cutaway but its not 100% necessary.

This is the kind of tone I'm after.


I'll be doing lots of strumming and fingerpicking.

With so many different recording methodologies, so many different microphones, so many different guitars, so many different effects, so many different DAWs, and so many engineers, with so many different tastes in sound coloration, how would you expect to find the "guitar for you", from a YouTube video clip.

And I haven't begun to tell you of the vast differences in equipment, taste, perceptions, and opinions of the people who would tentatively be listening to the clip.

Why don't you listen to some different guitars, read our sticky on buying an acoustic guitar: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1233360 Then come back for some possible suggestions.

Another viable approach might be, find out what the player in the clip is using, and go check out one of those.
I just mean a similar sound to this. I'm not asking for a replica. I'm talking about a fairly mid-ranged frequency emphasized guitar, not too bright but not too bassy either.

I will try before buying but I need suggestions.

As I said, under $1000 AUD, cutaway preferred but not necessary and must be electric-acoustic.
Dont mind me, I'm left handed and bitter. Pretty much everything I buy has to be "sight unheard". Well, actually everything.

What do you figure you have access to?

If you have access, I'd try the low end Taylors, possibly the import Breedloves, and Takamine.

The Taks and the Taylors keep showing up on stage. Since you want a plug me in, these are live, in a band context, performance oriented.

Martins are warm, and don't seem to show up on stage as often as Tak or Taylor, or real MIA Gibsons. Recently I've seen Guild 12 strings making a comeback. Most of them are American made, and out of your budget. However their "GAD" import series are worth considering. I've already linked those in this thread, (post #9): https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1591998

In most cases, the electronics and cutaway are part of the same package. Far fewer guitars that are AE come, without a cutaway. The Seagull S-6 series are a prominent exception. These are centered around 500 bucks, but most owners think they sound better than their price would suggest: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/search.jsp?N=700008&Ns=r&Ntk=ALL&Ntx=mode+matchpartialmax&Nty=1&Ntt=Seagull%20S-6

A name I hear constantly knocked about in Australia, is "Cole Clark" They're very well thought of, but not widely available here in the former British colonies of the northern hemisphere. They're a home grown line for you, and so compete better on price than many imports.. (I think). You should look into them. http://www.coleclarkguitars.com/ That's all I got ATM boss..
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Yeah I know about Cole Clark, buy since I'll be buying new theyre quite out of my price range.

I'll link you to what I have access too, anything on these two sites. Allans music and Cranbourne Music are the two largest chains closest to me but Allans' site is down due to them just being bought out of recievership and Cranbourne has nothing on their sites and its all overpriced.

In fact, everything in Australia is bloody overpriced!

I'm having trouble finding a Taylor or Martin in the price range.


One thing I must also note is a lot of my mates have low end acoustics that sound really "plastic" and not "woody". So I'm definitely aiming for something above beginner standard.
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In fact, everything in Australia is bloody overpriced!

I think some people in your neck of the woods are actually suing distributors over this.
But it's in the arena of computer parts and supplies.

I went through the Haworths site and came up with this black Tak: http://www.haworthguitars.com.au/products/guitars/acoustic/takamine-eg541sc-acoustic-electric-gtr-w-c-ay-nex-gloss-b/ It's an auditorium size, so it likely wouldn't be bottom heavy. It's a solid top & back: http://www.haworthguitars.com.au/products/guitars/acoustic/takamine-eg541sc-acoustic-electric-gtr-w-c-ay-nex-gloss-b/

The Tak "G" series are supposed to be decent. Maybe somebody else knows a bit more than I do. Here in the US, that guitar runs about $600.00 USD, so yeah, you're being ripped off down there.
I've got an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500M that I put an L.R. Baggs Element in. Sounds just as good as my Gibson J-45 but I don't worry if I'm gigging and it gets a bump or two. I'd say to at least check them out.

My brother plays shows with me and he uses the cutaway Epi Masterbilt DR-500MCE, although the factory electronics have also been upgraded to the L.R. Baggs iMix in it as well the original shadow pickups are pretty nice too.
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I'm having trouble finding a Taylor or Martin in the price range.

Nor will you in Australia. You might find a 100 series Taylor or an X series Martin but they're not worth worrying about anyway.

I think the best guitar that will meet your criteria is a Cole Clark FL1A. Price will be within budget (if not, very close) and I can speak from personal experience, I own one and am very happy with it.
Yeah, it's just going to be really hard pushing for it. I would love a Cole Clark FL1 but when I said $1000 limit, even that's pushing it.

Oh thanks for the link to that Tak, but I probably should've mentioned before, I'm a freak when it comes to the appearance of guitars, and I have a hatred for coloured acoustics (hey, it's just a me thing, hahah!).

I may be able to go for something off eBay if I can find some good deals but again it's really tough. How's Seagull, the S6?
i actually like the taylor 100 series. if you can bring 'em in at your budget, they're worth a try.

also try yamahas - the fg (not f) series and the L series. there should be some in your price range that are acoustic electric, although i don't think the L series will have cutaways.

and as always, if you can find it, try the seagull original s6 with electronics. a very balanced guitar - not too bassy, not too bright. http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/seagull-s6-original-q1-acoustic-electric-guitar i don't find the entourage models sound as good, but you never know. and check out the performer series if you can find 'em.
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Honestly most of that tone to me is his fingernails...So any decent Dreadnaught with at least a solid top will get you in the ballpark. Getting that tone though will be a combo of technique and Mic recording. What I'd do is go to Musicians Friend and narrow your search down to 750-1000$(the details to the left) and look at reviews, look at Youtube videos of various Acoustics in your price range and just decide through personal research. Checking locally would be even better sense you could physically try them out.
I just got the Taylor 114ce and its amazing and under 1000$..most definitely worth trying.