My goal is to be able to write and perform something that's interesting with nothing more than my voice and an acoustic. However, to fill out vocals with a single guitar, that tends to mean strumming chords, which works well but sounds incredibly dull. There's also fingerpicking, of course, but what you gain in detail you lose in that "full sound" that strummed chords give you.

What I'm looking for are techniques to make rhythmic playing more interesting without fighting with vocals. Sometimes I break up my chords with scale melodies, but this technique robs the rhythm of its momentum and fights with my voice. I'm basically shoehorning lead playing into my rhythm playing, which is clumsy, difficult, and doesn't sound great. Instead, I'm looking for a way to keep that rhythmic chord going, but with some extra depth so it doesn't sound like boring beginner stuff.

Anything to flesh out the sound of the cliched coffee shop singer/songwriter on a single guitar would be awesome. Thanks!
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You could mute the strings and play them. It will make a percussive type sound in between the chords. You can create strange rythyms and rake the strings at the beginning of a chord. You can change the type of chord like Dmajor to Dsus type chord and back making it more interesting.