I've got an old Samick strat clone I'm doing up right now and it's in desperate need of a new bridge. It's got a trem system on it that's not worth it's weight in pot metal and I'm wondering how hard a floyd install would be. It's routed for springs in the back and is routed through to accommodate the tremolo system. Would I have to adjust anything? Other than the obvious things like wider pickguard at the bridge etc. New to the floyd rose thing so any help is appreciated!
It depends if you want to be able to pull up on the trem, if you do then you'll need to route the front of the body so the trem sits in a recess. If you don't want to pull up then you can just mount it flat on top of the body. In this case you will need to adjust the neck angle to compensate for the extra height of the FR. You can do this by shimming the neck with some strips of plastic in the neck pocket. Bits of an old credit card would work fine. In either case though you will need to drill holes for the two posts the floyd uses.

The other thing to consider is that ideally you'd want to be using a locking nut, otherwise it kind of defeats the purpose so you would need to have the neck routed to fit this.
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