Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and hoping someone can help me out.

I'm not really into Jackson guitars, more of a Les Paul kind of guy, but I'm doing some research on a project Jackson I'm refurbishing for a close friend.

I'm having trouble working out what my friend's Jackson is.. it looks like a dinky, has a reverse headstock and the serial number on the neck plate (yep, it's a bolt-on) is 9610100, plate states it's a Jackson, not a Charvel. I've checked the Jackson serial number website (confusing, to say the least) and drawn a blank, the serial numbers don't seem to run that high. Pretty sure it's a Japanese build from the early 90's, but can't be sure.

Any ideas as to how I can clear this up or where to begin searching again would be very much appreciated.
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Post up some pictures of it, that'd be a big help.

Look up some old Jackson catalogs as well.
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