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How's everyone's FM13 adventures going?
Any surprises? Relegation, promotion, players moving? Has anyone taken the reigns at San Marino?!

I've embarked on my latest task in 12/13 season with Swansea, fresh from Brendan Rodgers departure, and predicted to finish 15th and battle out relegation.

Not on my watch!

I started as a manager with a background only in Sunday League as this obviously increases the challenge of managing in the top flight.

I'm up to March in 13/14 (Second Season)

Last year we finished a solid 8th and my contract was extended by 3 years. And with 6 weeks to go, this year we're sitting pretty in 6th, 4 points below 5th and 4 above 7th.

Here's my best starting line up -

Formation - 2-3-2-2-1 (4-5-1 with WB, AML/AMR & DM)

Playing Tiki Taka Possession Football

GK - Michel Vorm
CB - Ashley Williams
CB - Sebastien Coates (£9.5m from Liverpool)
WBR - Angel Rangel
WBL - Neil Taylor
DMC - Leon Britton
MC - Michu
MC - Scott Parker (On loan from Spurs, purchase at anytime for £1m)
AMR - Andriy Arshavin (FREE TRANSFER 2013)
AML - Florent Malouda (FREE TRANSFER 2013)
ST - Carlos Fierro (£4m from Chivas)

Notable Subs-
DR/WBR/MC - Ilsinho (£7m from Shakhtar Donetsk)
AMR - Vladimir Weiss (£4.3m from Pescara)
CM - Ki Sung-Yeung
ST - Charlie Austin (£5m from Burnley)
ST - Claudio Pizzaro (FREE TRANSFER 2013)
AML/AMR - Lenny Nangis (£5m from Stade Rennais)
Carlos Fierro is probably the most famous wonder kid from FM12, and in FM13 he's bang on, only £4m and at age 19 has already scored 30 goals in 50 appearances for me, along with a healthy contribution from Austin, both will be delighted to join any premier league team.

Lucas Leiva moved from Liverpool to PSG for £30million

So guys, let's start posting!
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i signed ilshino too!

in my 4th season with wigan, in europe, but cant break the top teams (nor can i beat swansea for some reason!). cant do my team off the top of my head but notable players. ste stargen (spelt wrong, but a great keeper), fabio, weiss (from man city on mine, i love him, not the best player in the game but hes awesome), a spanish winger whos name i cant remember(cost me 17 mill) diallo, poli, wolf ekriem, munian. notable subs, IBRAHIMOVIC and veloso

Lucas Leiva went chelsea for a similar price on mine

my scouting network is insane, i have 2 or 3 south american players (waiting on 2 of them wince i cant get them till they are 18 who are quality, and a 16 year old spanish center mic who will be the best player in the world
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46. Kissed someone in a moving vehicle?no, i dont have insurance
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Why do we need a new thread

idk, i can't be arsed stickying two fm threads ;_; couldn't we just make the last one a general fm thread?

my contribution to this thread is ronnie swift, GOAT NEWGEN

Also, I assume Jesus Navas was born in the Football Manger... >.>
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My contribution is that I haven't played this since I bought it and thus wasted £15 for the 2nd year running.
Im still playing 2011 (im not buying a new one till this career gets ****ed in the ass), but i have a question. is it true you get a kid? some people i knwo have said that you get a son that comes through your youth system. But im in the year 2032 and i see no child. I've been with the same club since the start (HSV) and no sign of him.

Just to show off: Im the best team in the world, Im the best manager in the world, and i have my own stadium named after me. but no son. i want a son. anybody know if theres any truth in this son thing?
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I've always wondered about the son thing, but I got to around 2028 in my FM10 Arsenal save and never had one. That said, in my most recent game in FM13 (as Athletic Bilbao), the game invented a sibling for one of my real players. So I think it could be possible.

Clearly you were too busy being a manager to father a child
I got to 2025 on FM06 and no son

in Fm13 news just beat Dinamo 10-4 in the CL. Yes I was annoyed that we conceeded 4 to them.
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Clearly you were too busy being a manager to father a child

Maybe your managers just couldn't get a bird.
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I'm pretty sure you can buy a son (with real money) on casual mode in FM13

So you can. £1.99 though, not paying that. You unlock it if a player retires at your club after more than 10 years of service, so that's bound to happen eventually

Wait, what do you mean by casual mode?

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Maybe your managers just couldn't get a bird.

Jog on m8
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Jog on m8

Just jealous cause I'm in 2040 and my whole team is comprised of my sons.
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Just jealous cause I'm in 2040 and my whole team is comprised of my sons.

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Just finished my second season with Padova, first season in Serie A. Didn't do too bad, finished in 3rd place while winning the Euro cup, Italian super cup, and losing in the Italian cup final. Got the achievement for having the board confidence over 90% so that was nice. Definitely a lot more challenging here than at Seattle in the MLS.

Starting up the new season got my transfer budget and was surprised to see it at $48 million since the past few years its been around the ~$3 million mark. Woo, now I can afford a lot more players that are already decent instead of only buying young players forcing them to develop early.
How do you guys develop GOAT regens?

I have some great young talents, but I'd have to drop/sell some of my first teamers to get them game time.
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