Anyone have any idea how I can download AutoCad on Mac? My graphics card does not support 2011 (i.e. the first AutoCad for Mac) so I will have to install an older Windows file. Any idea how? I have tried 'Winebox' to no avail and don't particularly want to install a Windows OS.

Technology is no my thing, so I would appreciate ANY advice!
No idea mate. Sorry. My old laptop self-imploded and my mate flogged us his old MacBook for £50.

I am going to try running a 'virtual machine'... the impression I get is that it basically runs a mini Windows within my Mac so I can run exe files.


EDIT: Just noticed the site was called 'filehacker' haha. Let me know if it's inappropriate.
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lifehacker actually, and it's fine.
It didn't work. Do I need an original file of Windows XP in order to run it?

This is getting VERY confusing to simply install AutoCad!

Take me back to Windows.

EDIT: Is there anyway of effectively 'tricking' my Mac into thinking it's got a better Graphics Card than it has?
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Your only option it seems from exploring the googles is to install bootcamp and run it from windows.
Most macs to my knowledge have a program called Bootcamp. All of mine have had it stock. Using this software, you can partition your hard drive to run a secondary OS, Windows. You'd need the CD/USB device with all the windows OS files on to do this though.
What mac do u have

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