Any tips for looking for a house or an apartment?!!! or living on your own in general
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Read any lease before you sign it.
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How old are you? how much money do you have? do you have a job?

Im 22 and i moved out at the middle of last year. i was going to rent a place alone but it was too expensive. so i thought id share. ended up lodging with a couple and its worked out really well. I'll be moving out again this summer to a flat with my girlfriend, but we are yet to settle on a place to move in to.

I'd say share with people. if its with friends, even better. if its with strangers, ask to see the place and to meet the people to see what they are like. of course you can keep yourself to yourself in a shared place, but i think it works way better when you get on.

I looked on the internet first, and its a private thing so i just pay straight to the people who own this house. you can go through agencies (either on their website or just go in and ask for advice). so I did all mine on the internet, then met up with the owners to view the place, then moved in like a week later.
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Learn how to cook
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Don't buy a house and end up stuck somewhere and have a huge mortgage. It's better to rent when you're young.

It's not just a funny coincidence that mortgage has "mort" in, since a huge mortgage will slowly kill you.
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It's not just a funny coincidence that mortgage has "mort" in, since a huge mortgage will slowly kill you.

You're right. It's not funny.
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Don't live in Flint.

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I learned everything I need to know about mortgages from Tom Nook.

Only... if you don't pay Tom Nook, you don't get a bigger house. If you don't pay a real life mortgage, they take your house away.

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You're right. It's not funny.

You're damn right that financial problems are not funny.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
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Assorted wisdom and common sense from someone with a reasonable amount of experience trying to find a flat in a ridiculous country:

Don't use craigslist
Make sure you see the place before you commit to anything
If it says anything about western union on the ad, don't bother
Try to avoid paying in cash (although I pay my rent in cash at the moment and it's okay)
Don't agree on a really long lease, unless you're 100% certain you will be happy to live there for that long
Don't live with smokers
Don't be a dick to your flatmates
Make sure you have somewhere to go if it all goes wrong
You should get a place with a washing machine because going to the launderette is a pain in the arse
Make it clear at the beginning that you are not going to do all of the cleaning and everyone else should not be a disgusting twat
Pretend to be more eager than you are when they're showing you round
If you're using an online service, add a picture and include a fair bit of information about yourself, you'll get way more replies
Make sure you keep your valuables in a safe place
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I've lived in two places for uni, one was a contract between just us and the landlord, the other one was through an estate agent. I found that communication was a bit easier with the estate agents, because everything was on paper and documented, most of the issues were dealt with in a proper way, whereas with the private letting things fell through the cracks if they weren't on paper, and problems weren't adressed properly, having said that, this was probably because it was our first place. Some other things to consider:

-Look out for mould. Most places have a little bit of mould, but if there are large patches, you're gonna have a problem, as it is usually a sign that there is some fairly serious damage somewhere, and you can usually tell how long it has been left depending on how much it has spread. If you spot it before you have signed anything, adress it with the landlord or estate agent, or just walk away. If you happen to notice it after you move in, let the estate agent/landlord know as soon as possible.

-Take pictures and log any damages that you find when you first move in, take an inventory as well. The landlord/estate agent would tell you to do this in the first week or two, but it is easy to forget as getting the place sorted out is a lot to think about, plus you and your housemates will be in the honeymoon stage where you think that it's awesome having some independence and living with your mates.

-Set some house rules that you all agree on, just so that you don't drive your housemates crazy with things like washing up, keeping the place tidy, etc.

-Learn to cook. Buying all the ingredients for a meal to cook yourself is healthier and cheaper than getting takeout. I often found myself feeling too lazy to cook or go out and buy groceries, but then i realised that i could either get almost a weeks worth of food shopping, or an evenings worth of pizza/Chinese.

-Try not to leave your personal items all over the house, it can get on peoples nerves and you will end up losing a lot of stuff.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Don't live in Flint.


Also, if you're going to have a room-mate, choose wisely.
bumping so I don't have to start my own thread

I'm hopefully getting a job soon, it's just tech desk at a college, forty hours a week. I'm guessing it's only minimum wage but idk, my brother-in-law has worked there for a few years and he supports a family of three with a little help from my sister, so I figured even minimum wage would be enough for one person to live off of. I'd be driving 20-30 minutes to get there since I plan on living halfway between work and the school I want to attend. Is minimum wage enough to support myself or probably not?
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Before you move out you should do some number crunching and figure a few things out:
1) What is your income going to be (After tax)
2) How much is your rent....dont forget you'll likely have rent AND bills
3) How much do you feel you'll need to stash away each week for bills....ask your friends and family how much their bills are if you aren't too sure, this at least gives you a rough idea
4) After you take away the expenses, how much is left over? For me the golden figure is that I should still have at least 10% of my income left.....anything more than that, and you cant take into account unforseen expenses (eg: Broken appliances, new linen/clothes etc)
5) What are your current expenses at home? Do you pay for entertainment, medication, education, things like that.....

Once you tally those costs up, you have a rough budget....if you don't think you can afford it, do one of two things:

1) Look and see where there is uneccessary expenditure...do you really need to subscribe to all those MMORPGs? If not, then make some sacrifices

2) Don't go through with the move, until you are more financially stable
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Depends on your age, financial situation, what stage of your life you're in, etc. Naturally I always want to discredit renting and recommend investing. Like a house instead of, say, an apartment.

However, depending on your situation, where you are at, age, and what you are doing, this isn't always the best option, and sometimes its just not a possible option at all at the moment, period.

As for any advice to give? I have moved out multiple times and lived in quite a few places just in the span of these last several years. But trust me, any advice I can give you will not nearly be as valuable as what you learn from actually experiencing it hands on. You'll be fine. Its not hard. Just do your research on the apartments and keep an organized and strict budget.

One thing, though. If you are going to have roommates, you better damn be sure about them. They are who you will be living with for a very long time. You will have to depend on them, cope with their annoying habits, and see them probably everyday. If you have more than one roommate this can become especially chaotic and problematic. Keep a sense of organization and team work between each other. Make rules and boundaries clear and set them IMMEDIATELY. Learn to become assertive if you are generally passive, else you will quickly become stepped on and at that point, I hope you enjoy cleaning up others messes all the time.

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