Here I have some Seymour Dunc pickups that have been sitting around for a while not being used. I prepped them to fit into my EC that I'm also selling here, but in the end didn't use them because I wasn't confident in my skills.

So here they are. Unused. £70?

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When you say "prepped" what fo you mean? How long's left on the leads?

They've just been stripped back a little. I'll take a pic for you.
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Would you consider selling the pickups separately?

No sorry, I bought them in a set and I'd like to sell them in a set.

Bumping because I'd rather not sell these through eBay.
Hi There Are your Seymour Duncan Hot Rodded Humbuckers still for sale, I'm building a tele at the moment with space for 2 humbuckers.