So i sat down and messed around on my guitar. I found some dark, weird sounding chord thing that i could use to make some interesting stuff. Maybe shouldnt be called a chord but whatever.

It looks like this:
G x x x x 0
D 2 3 5 7 0
A 0 0 0 0 3
E 0 0 0 0 0

Since im not that good on theory i really don't what these should be called, anyone can help me?
First and fourth are an A5 in slightly different inversions. Second is an A5 add6, third is an A7, last is a C/E add9. Those may be a bit wrong, or there may be alternatives, buts that's what I'd call them
The first chord is A minor (it could be major, but from the context I see it should be minor).
The second one is A minor with added minor sixth.
The third one is A minor septa chord (a.k.a. Am7).
The fourth one is A minor, again.
The fifth one is C major variation with E bass and added major second (D note).

Don't hold me on this one, this is only what junior music learner can do for you.
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