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Looks like a Marshall to me.

To the op. Looks like a Marshall B25 MkII. It should say on the front anyway.

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^^ Thanks man. Is it okay for a beginner?
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It looks like a DeAmplifier to me.
A Negative Amplifier.
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^^ Thanks man. Is it okay for a beginner?

Well that depends, do you already own it? If so, yeah it's fine for now. If you don't have it yet I'd seriously consider looking for something bigger because although it'll do while you're playing alone it will be crap if you want to play with others.

i.e. if you're not spending money use it until you reach a point where you need something bigger. if you're going to spend money spend it on something bigger if possible.
Marshall MB series probably. Definitely not anything to write home about. Marshall never put their heart into a good solid-state bass amp. Their VBA and Super Bass heads were tube amplifiers and they most assuredly rock, but they are ridiculously expensive for what you get. The MB series was OK as a practice amp, but I would not want to gig with one. In addition, I don't know if they are made in England. For the prices they list, I suspect they are made in Vietnam. Something to think about, to be sure.
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To me, Marshall approaches bass gear like Gibson does, as though its an extension of the guitar and not an instrument in and of itself.

The Marshall amp (MB series) imho, has a rather underwhelming tone and doesn't hand the lower tones of a 5 string well.
Thanks for the advice guys.

I don't own it. I'm just looking to get my first bass guitar and someone on gumtree is selling a squier affinity p-bass and that amp.