So I picked up a Schecter Omen Solo-6 for $199 on Musician's Friend and I'm really happy with it so far. Although I wish I had waited a few more days for the next FB Deal of the Day when they had a Schecter Hellraiser Solo-6 for $129.99 more (Mahogany - Set Neck - EMG pickups). What do you guys think about my choice for my first electric on a budget? I was thinking about going with RondoMusic and one of the Agile 2000-3000 series guitars, but have always liked Schecter and went with it for $100 off. Plus the customer service of MF is far better than Rondo, like being able to exchange or return with no fees and 150% price match.

Now I am trying to decide on an amp to match my Schecter and I was wondering how much it matters having humbucking pickups vs. single coils when picking an amp? Does solid state vs. tube make a lot of difference between the two pickups? I am mainly playing classic rock along with modern rock (think Warren Haynes/Derek Trucks) and some other random stuff like Sublime.

I'm thinking about a Vox VT40+. Is there a better choice for the price? Should I go with solid state to save money, or is the type of tone I am looking for going to be best found in a tube amp? Also what do yall think about buying amps new vs. used (Ebay/Craigslist)?

Thanks for any advice.
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I ended up returning my Omen Solo-6 due to scratches and dents found on the fretboard and replaced it with a Schecter Hellraiser Special Solo-6 for $329.99


SGR Diamond Pickups
Bolt on Neck

Hellraiser Special:

EMG Active 81/85 Pickups
Set Neck

All for $130 more (just the EMGs are $200 alone)
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