Oh hey cool, it's the eve of my 1 year anniversary of using UG!

I've been through a lot of amps and only recently (in December) settled on one that suited me.
a Peavey Classic 50 4x10.
I chose it over a Mesa Electradyne, Trace Elliot Speed Twin, and a Hot Rod DeVille, all of which I owned at some point.
Here's a pic with my bass:

It's the perfect amp for me. I play in a funky blues rock/grunge band, like john mayer trio sometimes or RHCP/Pearl Jam. it's a lot of fun and this amp is perfect for the style. I also have my own softloudsoft post-rock side project I work on, and this amp takes to pedals quite well too.
great clean channel. rich, deep, sexy cleans. great for jazz guitar (our jazz band gigs with one). The drive channel gets from subtle drive to hendrixy crunch up to around classic rock territory without a boost. Boosted (with my Blues Driver) it can do Alice in Chains tones. Very versatile.
The built in spring reverb is excellent too. I'm not stingy with the reverb dial.
Today I found some earplugs and dimed the clean channel. totally dimed. most heavenly tone I've ever heard or played.
the drive channel dimed was alright, a bit too classic rock for my tastes. sounded like an el84 amp dimed should sound.

now my new pedals:

I got a Vox Time Machine delay, a Big Muff Pi with tone/wicker and a 535q Crybaby.

time machine review: Great digital delay. I can get subtle 80s shred backgroundy delay and slapback, it has a tap tempo, and the cool modulation feature. I dig it. It does what I need. I plan on getting a memory boy or something for my analog needs.

big muff review: man I love this pedal. I've always wanted a fuzz since I got into MBV and Hendrix. This does it all. the tone off/on option is cool for making it sound like either an electric razor or a vintage dirty drive. I don't know what the wicker does (technically) but it adds some grainyness that I like. I keep it on.

535q wah review: great wah pedal. very versatile, does the voodoo child thing up to AiC guitar groaning noises. the boost is ok but I don't use it very much. I wish you could use the boost alone.

my bass amp: (bad phone pic)

TC Electronics BG250:
Good all around bass amp. The tone print beaming feature is really useful especially since you don't have to have wifi to use it. the 15in speaker really projects and is quite bassy.
Good enough bass drive. It's no Orange Thunderverb but it'll do.
Best part is I got it for $250, brand new via a pricematch and a coupon. Works for me, man.

and now my baby, my Telemacaster.

she's set up it DR Pure Blues .11s, with a DiMarzio Area T in the neck and a SD Hot Rails Tele in the bridge. Push push pots, one is a killswitch and the other is a coil-split/tap for the hot rail. Mighty Mite birdseye maple neck. Leather pickguard. Frets sanded down perfectly. The bridge is stock but machined down by Tradition Guitars so as not to have an ashtray.
I've had the body (a Squier VM Tele) for many years now and it's already starting to age, with some serious buckle rash and the edge where my arm goes' finish is wearing down. I don't have pics of that though.
this guitar has the mojo, sound, and feel. my dream guitar.

guitar porn:

Now here's something most guys don't do in NGD threads, a video. this is the best I could do. it demonstrates my pedals and amp fairly well, minus cleans. basically a cover of Schism with some screwing around thrown in at the end.
it's late and my little brother is asleep, hence low volume and camera mic.
I don't know how audible it is but he kept snoring through the whole thing. oh well.
i share this youtube account with all my brothers.



and a semi-family pic:

thanks for checking this out. for everything in my rig, I paid a total of $990, minus the cables.
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Nice, always sweet to change things up. BTW I'm liking your choice of DR Pure Blues strings, IMO they are THEE string for a telecaster if your playing blues or rock, bending seems so much easier, tone is really mellowed out as well. HNRD!!
I love the video!

You always give pretty good advice to others. Figures your rig would work so nicely.
thanks all.

to dylanhendrix, yeah I've gone through elixir, slinkies or slinkys or whatever, daddarios and i'm only now happy with these

thanks 311

and R45VT, thanks man, means a lot.

funny thing is i've had everything a while now but thought it more appropriate to get past the honeymoon period.

I don't suppose anybody has experience with a pearly gates in a tele?
I have a pearly gates in a Jackson Kelly- in the neck. That guitar is really dark and a bit muddy so anything I tell you really won't apply. It's not the first guitar I have had one in and I do like them in the neck.

I really like the telecaster. Did you piece it together or did I miss where you bought it from. Love the pic guard.

Edit: yeah you pieced it together, that's a fine looking neck.
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it's a Squier VM telecaster body, I changed everything else on it except the bridge.
I may just go ahead and buy the pearly gates. the hot rail is a bit dull and from what I understand it's more output than an EMG 81.

Guess you changed the pups at the same time you put the leather pickguard on?
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Welcome to UG. Everyone here will piss you off at some point, it's just what we do.
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exactly. two birds one stone.
the old pickguard had space for a middle pup which I find myself missing...

Kind of figured. It would have been interesting to see what (if any) affect the leather pickguard would have on tone compared to the plastic one, but since it's a new pup too, we lose the benefit of the scientific method. Oh well. It looks really cool; never seen that done on a Squier before. Take care.
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Welcome to UG. Everyone here will piss you off at some point, it's just what we do.
Congrats man! I just got a classic 30 a week ago and I'm loving it! I'm sure the 50 is similar goodness. In that video did you use the crunch channel at all or we're you using pedals through the clean? I haven't even tested out any gain in my 30 yet hah
that pickguard...
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jetwash - the body is alder. it's much the same as any other standard or american tele, it's not really a squier anymore.

klonoa - Yeah, that was all crunch channel except when i kicked in the muff. that was a boosted muff into the clean channel

trevh - haha thanks! you can see where I screwed it up a little near the top frets with sanding, but some shoe polish or something should fix it
very nice!

consider changing the saddles on your bridge to brass as opposed to swapping the entire bridge.

That tele is sexy as hell. Nice rig!
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gregs - edit: oh right I'm dumb. I think brass saddles is a cool idea but I'd rather just get a new bridge pup and humbucker bridge. The tele is bright enough as is, it's just the pickup.

ma_tt - thanks man!
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basically a cover of Schism with some screwing around thrown in at the end.

Oh crap. I thought that was Tool.

And yeah the pick guard is super sexy.

I'm not sure what Greg is talking about but I'm sure he is right.