I am considering selling my Vox Royal Guardsman (circa 1967). It is a great amp - in near-mint condition. I'm not sure what to expect to sell it for...

It comes complete with cover, chrome roller stand, and foot switches. All accessories are in exceptional shape. The amplifier itself is in near-mint condition. Has had the transistors replaced, but I still have the originals in a bag...

I just don't use it. I'm a keyboard player and happened upon this amp via my brother, who needed to sell it years ago. It basically serves as a conversation piece, which is probably what has kept it in such excellent condition all these years.

Guitar center has a "head" only for sale, and wants $2100+ for it

I'm not sure what I should ask for it? Really... this thing should be in a museum somewhere, lol.

Would love some input!
I'd daresay that thing could almost be priceless. are you SURE you want to sell that beauty?
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I'll give you $20 Canadian dollars, a book of expired Subway coupons, and a case of warm Pabst.

It's all that I own
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