(free download) Let me know you what you think! If you don't like it, why?

This song is in the key of A. It was recorded using an analog 16 channel mixer into a i5 Mac with Garage Band (2011 edition). Mixed it myself.

Gear Breakdown:
Microphones: SM-57, SM58, Apex small-diaphragm (180) & large-diaphragm (435) condenser microphones
Drums - Alesis SR-16 drum machine (programmed manually)
Bass - Squier Jazz Bass with amp simulation in DAW
Acoustic Guitar - Vintage 1100N, the same one in the cover photo. (solid Indian rosewood back, 3 ply laminate rosewood sides, solid German spruce top, solid mahogany neck, rosewood fretboard)
Electric Guitar - MIM Telecaster w/ Wilkenson bridge using the neck humbucker and tone rolled off.

I wrote the lyrics to this song with the aim to make an honest courtship tune from my perspective as a man seeking a female for the long-term.
-"Sunny Jane" '04 MIM Sunburst Fender Tele. DD HB102(n)
-"Sapphire" Indie Tribal Extreme
-"Joy" Vintage 1100N Acoustic
-"Booty" Black Squier Jazz Bass
Traynor YCS50 1x12 (V30 Speaker)
Mark Bass Little Mk II
1x15 bass cab
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